SnowyHaven Birmans

Birman cats and kittens


Our Cats are Champions registered with TICA, ACFA and CFA

Our kittens come from lines that are champions through-out!

Temperaments are key to our loving Birmans!



My neutered male Chandris Sterling

is a wonderful host to all humans and

Birman moms and babies!




 Here at Snowy Haven we are small HOBBY breeders. We are dedicated  to preserving and maintaining the health, beauty, and temperament of the Sacred Birman Cat through selective breeding to optimize the genetics. Our goal is to place kittens in forever homes.

We are committed to the finest health of kittens available through holistic measures, and strive to ensure the utmost health of our cats and kittens.

Our breeding brings Seal, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac and Tabby (LYNX) pointed kittens.We have added Tortie colors in our breeding program.

Our lines are Imported and Domestic Show Cat Lines from new and old stock mixed from around the world  to provide a healthy genetic  foundation.



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