SnowyHaven Birmans

Birman cats and kittens

Important Read; Guarantee

Our cats and kittens are health guaranteed.

 What that means is when you purchase one of ours:  

Is that they are free of GENETIC faults and free of known disease and ailments.

Since we can not know what happens once they leave us, we can not be responsible for them once they are out of our care.

If a cat or kitten becomes ill or dies because of a GENETIC  fault, we will replace the pet. An autopsy must be completed within 24 hours and the report must be sent to us within a week.This is limited to ONE replacement!

My health contract is voided by RABIES, FELV or FIP vaccines, or ANY live virus vaccination!!!!!!

We do not cover airfare or kennels used to transport.

This guarantee does not mean the animal will never get sick its entire life.

It is a guarantee that we do responsible breeding that gives you a healthy pet as much as is in our control that starts before they are even born. We start with great blood lines, prenatal care, good food and nutrition for BOTH Mom and Dad!


 Please do not copy or reproduce the copyrighted photos on this website.


To "hold" a kitten a deposit must be made.

Those making an early deposit have the first rights to choose from the next litter.

SALES CONTRACT (in brief):

*** Buyer Agrees To the Following Conditions of Sale ***

 A Non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a kitten/cat.                   
The Breeder reserves the right to refuse sale of kitten/cat at any time up to the time of delivery or prior to buyer taking possession,

1.) The Buyer promises to maintain this kitten/cat in lifelong good condition with annual check-ups, timely vaccinations, and proper diet, and hygienic conditions.

2.)  The Buyer agrees that this kitten/cat will be kept as an indoor pet ONLY and at NO TIME WILL IT BE ALLOWED TO ROAM OUT OF DOORS!

3.)  Buyer agrees that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will this kitten/cat be sold, leased, or given to any pet shop, animal shelter, or research facility.

4.)  The Buyer agrees NOT to transfer ownership of this kitten/cat or place it in another home without first notifying SnowyHaven Cattery and providing the Seller with right of first refusal.

5.)  This kitten may not be de-clawed!!!!! 

6.)  Breeder warrants that this kitten/cat is genetically sound and will replace this kitten with another of equal value, when one is available, at no additional cost, if this kitten dies of a purely genetic defect up to one year of age. This is limited to 1 replacement only!

7. SnowyHaven will NEVER guarantee against any diseases that can be acquired AFTER the kitten/cat has left SnowyHaven Cattery. ** This includes but is not limited to anything viral, bacterial, or stress induced.

8.) The cat/kitten will come with a certification of shots on delivery.